In September of this year, The Town, a music festival by the same creators of Rock in Rio, took place in São Paulo, with 500 thousand tickets sold for its launch.
But before the world knew about the event, the creative team behind it invited RANDO BANDO to promote their launch during a press conference. 
We created original graphics and dynamic lettering animations, to be played live during a musical performance of their manifesto by famous brazilian singers Criolo and Iza.

Client: Rock in Rio, The Town Festival  |  Year: 2021  |  
Service:  Art Direction, Motion Design, Video Editing
Creative & Art Direction: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza) 
Motion Design & Video Editing: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza), Ryan Lopes 
Executive Production: Jean Campos
Music Composition: Criolo, Zé Ricardo
Music Performance: Criolo, Iza ​​​​​​
✦  Visual Exploration  ✦
✦ Live Event ✦
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