​​​​​​​In 2021 the Global Game Jam revealed to us the top secret theme before everyone else, so we could create an amazing video to be broadcasted to jammers all over the world.
We had the challenge to create visuals inspiring participants to make a game based on a single theme "Lost and Found".
Having participated in previous editions, we know how this is the most anticipated and decisive moment of the event. We tried our best to create a video that we would be happy to watch and get us excited to create games from. The minimalistic art style and animations mixed with a carefully created video editing, were the perfect mix to make jammers boggled and excited at the same time before finally knowing the theme for the first time during 2021 Global Game Jam Online​​​​​​​
Client: Global Game Jam | Year: 2021 
Service:  Art Direction, Motion Design, Mix Media Traditional Animation  
Creative & Art Direction: Luis Naza  
Animation & Video Editing: Mateus Klein  
Sounds & Mixing: Mateus Klein, Leonardo Lima
✦ Design Exploration ✦ 
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