We had the opportunity to work on Art direction, Illustrations and motion design for the official Global Game Jam Next 2020 keynote video and theme reveal!

According to the their official website:
"GGJ NEXT® is an annual event operated by the Global Game Jam® to serve younger people (12-17 years old) who are interested in learning the creation of video games."

As the target of the video were mainly youngsters, we went for a playful narrative and style, that captures the joy of gamemaking and learning new stuff with your friends.​​​​​​​
Client: Global Game Jam  |  Year: 2020
Service:  Art Direction, Character Design, Character Animation, Event Animation
Creative & Art Direction: Luis Naza
Animation: Luis Naza, Mateus Klein | Sound Design: Mateus Klein
✦ Creative Direction & Design Exploration ✦
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