"Flor & Fjære is a unique family owned destination located on an island in the cold fjords outside Stavanger, Norway. A one-of-a-kind greenhouse restaurant that can seat up to 600 guests, placed in the middle of 50 acres of incredible gardens with beautiful beaches and tropical palm trees – a visit there is both peaceful and exciting."
Studio Oker invited us to animate this amazing illustration by Finnish illustrator Robert Lönnqvist as part of a set of brand illustrations expressing the emotional experience of Flor & Fjære. They just sent us the illustration file and the rest, from thinking how it would look animated to the animation itself, was on us.
We had a blast collaborating on this piece, and it was a great opportunity to put our animation skills in action.
Client: Flor & Fjære  |  Year: 2023 
Service: Character Animation, Animation

Creative Direction: Studio Oker
Illustration: Robert Lönnqvist 
Animation Direction: RANDO BANDO (Bebeto Cahali)
Motion Design & Character Animation: RANDO BANDO (Bebeto Cahali)
Cel Animation: RANDO BANDO (Mateus Klein)
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