Dandelion Films trusted us to create their very personal manifesto, sharing with us a script and voice over for us to build a storyline and animations from.
Reading their script and manifesto, their narrative fit the structure from The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, and we started to understand each chapter of this symbolic character's journey. 
For each chapter of the Hero's Journey we tried to connect it with the possible journey of a small Dandelion seed breaking free into the nature.
The abstraction of forms and compositions were set under the perspective of a magician. Presented to us as one of the arquetypes of Dandelion Films brand, The Magician provided many atributes that were used as an inspiring base for our concept. 
Client: Dandelion Films  |  Year: 2022 
Service : Art Direction, Motion Design, Animation, Animated Manifesto
Creative Direction: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza, Bebeto Cahali)  
Project Management: Thalyta Cavalli
Art & Animation Direction: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza) 
Storyboards: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza, Bebeto Cahali)  
Animation: RANDO BANDO (Luis Naza, Bebeto Cahali, Mateus Klein), Gusta Silva 
Compositing & VFX: RANDO BANDO (Bebeto Cahali)
Sound Design, Soundtrack & Mixing: CANJA Audio Culture
✦   Styleframes   ✦
✦  Animation  ✦
✦  Creative Exploration  ✦
✦  Look & Movement Exploration  ✦
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