​​​​​​​Na Prosa com Monique (A Chat with Monique) is a talk show hosted by Monique Evelle and produced by Laboratório Fantasma, a company founded by the artists Emicida and Evandro Fióti.
The show was broadcasted live every monday, on Lab Fantasma Twitch channel.​​​​​​​​​
Client & Hosting: Monique Evelle | Year: 2019
Service: Live Video Content, Video Titles, Event Animation
Production: Laboratório Fantasma 
Direction: Evandro Fióti 
Art Direction: Gabriel Catte 
Animation: RANDO BANDO (Mateus Klein) 
Soundtrack: Grou
◆ Motion Design Experimentation, Tricks & Shenanigans ◆
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